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Sewer rehabilitation with SPR technology in Poland

Spirally wound!

In late summer 2012 SPR Europe was able to present a suitable solution by applying the spiral  wound pipe method for rehabilitation works in the city of Kety / Poland, where sections of two oval profile sewers with large nominal widths were to be restored.

If sewers with very large nominal widths have to be restored while urban life goes on, the spiral wound pipe method serves as an effective and cost-efficient solution. Using this technology, the rehabilitation can be carried out without interference into urban life or traffic.

Therefore in late summer 2012 the city of Kety / Poland assigned the trenchless pipe rehabilitation of two concrete sewage canal sections with spiral wound technology SPR.

sewer rehabilitation with the help of technology from SPR Europe

Passing through a residential area, the central sewage collection plant in Wzdluz Torow Street,  as well as the sewer in Slowackiego Street, reaches a very high capacity flow during the day. It was therefore not possible to disconnect the system for rehabilitation works.

SPR Europe was in charge of the installation of the SPR Lining into both oval profiles with nominal widths of 1000/1720 mm and a length of 420m and 1400/2100 mm with 93 m.

The rehabilitation process

The SPR technology introduced in 1978 is a spiral wound trenchless pipeline renewal method. It is designed for the rehabilitation of large diameter pipelines up to a nominal size of 5500 mm. In this process steel reinforced interlocking PVC profile panels are grouted in place with a high compressive strength grout.

A shaft, the size of a standard manhole in the host pipe is sufficient to place the winding machine and the PVC profile in the canal.

technology from SPR Europein action

Above the ground the equipment takes little space and does not need to be dismantled, because the machine can conveniently be shifted to the next downstream length due to the winding motion.

This was a huge advantage to the installation team, because the DN 1000 canal is located in the center of a residential area and the DN 1700 canal as central sewage collection system is positioned 500 m in front of the sewage treatment plant in a narrow street.

The steel reinforced interlocking PVC strips were wound up within ten weeks to a new waterproof pipeline.

The winding machine, which was thereby lowered into the host pipe wound the PVC profile during the grouting process and interlocked the PVC strips to a new watertight pipe.

A good finishing

The bracing, the casing and the final linkage of the pipe ends with a total width of 200/300 mm diameter was carried out by the polish partner company INFRA.

INFRA placed the wound ends up to the concrete wall and sealed the open joints with  glass-fibre laminates.

The thereby formed annulus between the new wound pipe and the old canal was filled up with high-performance mortar which guarantees the spirally wound static characteristic.

After further civil engineering work Strabag PLC completed the rehabilitation project to the full satisfaction of Kety City.

installation of the sewer rehabilitation technology from SPR Europe

SPR winding machine was placed in the old canal through a manhole - and then installed directly in there.

Due to this sewer rehabilitation via spiral-wound pipe lining technology even receiving water is no longer an issue during rehabilitation work.

After the winding process is completed, support frames are built into new SPR-pipelines, which guarantee the liner’s stability by sealing the annulus with special mortar.