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Sochi’s Tunnel – an Olympic Architectural Highlight

GÖTTINGEN/GERMANY, December 2, 2013 - The aluminium cladding of the tunnel entrance made from Novelis pre-painted aluminium ff2® looks like filigree ornaments and is reminiscent of the snowy mountains found at the Black Sea no matter what the season.
The Russian City of Sochi is scene of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2014, as well as the location for the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

Fine architecture with Novelis aluminium ff2

Prepared for the Olympic Wintergames, presenting an architectural masterpiece: Sochi's Tunnel. | photo: Novelis

As part of the Olympic urban development projects, the road and rail network will be expanded between the winter sports area in the Caucasus  region and the airport located at the coast of the Black Sea (a distance of 50 km).The urban development projects implicate the construction of six railway tunnels and 3 road tunnels, building a total length of 30 kilometers.
Karen Saprichian, professor of International Academy of Architecture and director of project and design offices GrandProektSity LLC Russia, is the architect and manager of the impressive project. Due to its high strength alloy and high-quality PVdF coating Novelis ff2® pre-painted aluminium was the ideal material for the tunnel cladding.  Excellent workability and durability, as well as a corrosion- and chalk-resistant surface were essential for this sophisticated project. Novelis pre-painted aluminium is characterized by excellent weather resistance and high loadability. Furthermore, it is 100% recyclable and non-flammable (classified A1 to DIN EN 13501).
SMK LLC, Novelis’ partner in Russia, manufactured aluminium panels of 2 mm thickness for the tunnel cladding. The Russian company Metal Fasad, LLC installed 1,500 m² pre-painted aluminium in granite grey metallic and about 620 m² decor cladding in the color Sealandwhite.

Sochi tunnel at night

The Sochi Tunnel at Night. | photo: Novelis

The individual elements are arranged in irregular geometry and in different heights within the complex structure. Meanwhile, up to eight elements join together with different coordinates, always in one peak.
In addition to the striking assembly of the single elements, a multifarious interplay of light and shadow evokes the feeling of adventure. The ornaments creates the ilusion of hoarfrost.  Even in the dark, LED projectors generate a spectacular dynamic lighting of the entire structure or individual elements in all color variants. Accordingly, the tunnel portals are equally impressive, at any time. The main goal of the project was to provide an unforgettable experience to residents and visitors, which has become reality.
The project, originally called „Architectural and artistic design of tunnel portals of combined road Adler-Alpika began in November 2011 and finished in September 2012. It was nominated as one of the sixth best Russian building constructions in 2012. It won a silver medal at the Award festival “Zodchestvo-2012”.