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South African cement industry switches to 2 ply bags

VIENNA/AUSTRIA, May 16, 2013 – In less than a year Mondi Kraft Paper and local converters have successfully encouraged much of the South African cement market to use 2 ply bags made with Mondi high porous paper.

Mondi has cooperated closely with sack converter customers to inform the cement industry of the quality and efficiency advantages of high porous 2 ply and providing know-how on changing the cement sack construction. The program’s success benefits the entire value chain: sack converters gain cost and efficiency savings, cement companies report fewer bag breakages and less dust at filling stations, and with the end consumer receives a cleaner product.

The cement industry is one of the biggest users of sack kraft paper in South Africa, requiring more than 160 million sacks each year. Previously, much of the industry used 3-ply semi-extensible perforated sacks. Mondi’s 2012 product trials showed that sacks made of high porous 2-ply kraft paper were better suited to the tough packing and handling conditions for cement in South Africa.

Mondi’s customers in the sack converting industry are pleased with the change.

Nicholas John, Afripack Sacks General Manager, said, “We were convinced by the better quality and efficiency of switching to high porous 2 ply. What really made it work was great support from Mondi on implementing the change.”

Craig Dingley, M.D. Nampak Sacks commented, “Our cement customers have reacted positively to the high porous 2-ply sacks. They appreciate the greater durability and the fact that cement waste is minimized.”

Mondi Kraft Paper has been present in South Africa for many years as a supplier of high quality kraft paper to leading converters in the region.