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Start of Production for Rammax 1575 CI articulated Trench Roller

LANGENTHAL/SWITZERLAND, July 25, 2013 - Following its introduction at the Bauma 2013, the latest generation of the articulated Rammax 1575 CI trench roller will go into production at Ammann’s Langenthal site in Switzerland.

Ammann has more than 40 years’ experience in the construction of these special machines based on the Rammax product range, the original trench roller. New benchmarks have been set repeatedly over the course of time that have made operating the machines safer, more economic and more convenient. Today, Ammann offers both articulated trench rollers in the form of the new Rammax 1575 CI and the tried and tested Rammax 1585 with skid steering. Customers can therefore choose the machine that best fulfils their specific requirements. Users have played a decisive role in the development of the new trench roller. Surveys were carried out among numerous operators, construction companies, plant hire providers and service personnel prior to starting development activities. Ammann's engineers then consistently applied the insights gained from the surveys in the machine's design.

latest generation of the Rammax 1575 CI trench roller goes into production

Rammax 1575_3: Infrared and cable remote control are standard features of the new model. | photo: Ammann

Ammann has launched the new generation of articulated trench rollers in the form of the Rammax 1575 CI and has set new standards with regard to safety, technology and emissions. The water-cooled diesel engine from Yanmar is a guarantor for reliability, low noise generation and low fuel consumption and is fully compliant with the latest emission standards. The pendulum function of the articulated joint enables the machine to adapt to the substrate and ensures outstanding compaction results in the following areas:

• Trench and pipeline construction
• Backfilling for bridges and other structures
• Trench filling
• Development areas
• Embankment and landfill construction
• Base construction for roads and rail tracks
• Confined work spaces

Trench rollers, also known as multi-purpose compactors, are characterised by their huge compaction force transferred to cohesive soil types. These soil types usually have a high water content and are very difficult to compact without a high level of compaction energy and the additional kneading effect of the padfoot drums. Compaction is just as fast and effective on many other types of substrate.

Four powerful hydraulic engines are behind the outstanding traction and compaction results achieved by the Rammax 1575 CI. Two hydraulic steering cylinders guarantee dynamic handling and perfect manoeuvrability, even in the most confined spaces.

The fully automatic engine control reduces the engine speed automatically when the machine is at standstill. The engine speed is increased to working speed within a fraction of a second as soon as a control is operated. This feature helps significantly reduce the fuel consumption of the water-cooled Yanmar diesel engine.

The maintenance-free articulated pendulum joint is unique in this class: it guarantees that all four drums remain in permanent contact with the substrate for ideal traction and compaction; in conjunction with the low centre of gravity it increases stability against tipping. The articulated steering of the 1575 CI is equipped with sliding Teflon bearings – it is not necessary to lubricate the bearings with a grease gun at any time during the machine's working life, thus reducing maintenance costs and downtimes for servicing. Daily maintenance points are readily accessible whilst a spacious engine room opening provides easy access to the hydraulic and electrical systems and other service points.

A high degree of safety for both man and machine is ensured by tried and tested infrared
technology. In contrast to radio-controlled systems, visual contact with the machine is required at all times. This method completely averts the otherwise significant risk of injury and accidental damage. Solar cells integrated in the remote control ensure the machine is always ready for operation. Twilight is sufficient for charging. Even working in complete darkness is possible thanks to an accumulator integrated as standard that is also charged by the solar cells. Troublesome battery charging is a thing of the past.

latest generation of the Rammax 1575 CI in action

Rammax 1575 CI with articulated pendulum steering
for outstanding traction and powerful compaction.
 | photo: Ammann