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Successful Use of Formwork in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

MEDINA/SAUDI ARABIA, December 4, 2013 - After Mecca, the City of Medina (Al Madinah Al Munawwarah – which non-Muslims are prohibited from entering) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is regarded as the second most important city in all of Islam. It is an up and coming metropolis of 1.7 million residents.  As a means to protect the environment, the City is building a sewage treatment plant for 1 million people. It cleans waste water in three steps to a level of clarity that permits the use of the water for agricultural irrigation. The project is budgeted at 300 million Riyal (61 million Euros). It is the largest sewage treatment plant planned in all of Saudi Arabia.

Paschal LOGO.3 formwork at Medina, Saudi Arabia

Implementation made easy - with the LOGO.3: A crane lift is easily capable of repositioning a large unit – even at a height of 9.05 meters. | photo: Paschal

SysTech (Branch Office Riyadh) was awarded the contract and started earthmoving operations in January 2012. The carcass work on the 120,000 m² construction site began in June 2012. Commissioning is scheduled for August 2014.
New structures are built in three construction phases. Each will include two large activated sludge basins (98.50 x 56.70 meters), equipped with six windings over a span of 9 meters, which move the water volume. Large round basins (outside diameter: 39.90 meters), small round basins (outside diameter: 33.60 meters) and several conventional technical infrastructure buildings will be built adjacent to these.

Formwork and Concrete Construction

This construction site also relies on the LOGO.3 wall formwork from Paschal. When the wall formwork arrives at the construction site, all foundations have already been poured.
The rigging supervisor from Germany instructed the crews in the best use of the formwork at the construction site. In order to attain the formwork height of 9.05 meters, two elements with a height of 3.40 m (at a width of 2.40 m) were installed, and two elements with a height of 2.40 m, but widths of 1.35 m and 0.90 m, were stacked on top of these in a sideways orientation.
Setup, assembly and implementation proved to be surprisingly straight-forward and the concrete finish to be flawless. Using these methods, the approx. 520 meters of linear wall were completed.