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Superflex from Scheuerle and Nicolas develops flexibly positioned Two Axle Module

PFEDELBACH/GERMANY, August 2, 2013 - Cost-effective through cost and time-savings: the need for cranes, forklifts or special infrastructure can be minimalized when putting together the right vehicle combination with the Superflex from Scheuerle and Nicolas. Then, the flexibly positioned two axle module can be moved without any auxiliary means or simply removed from the vehicle. The Superflex is thus quickly and easily converted for the next assignment.

Superflex from Scheuerle and Nicolas with flexibly positioned two axle module

The Superflex from Scheuerle and Nicolas in a lowered position with a freely positioned two-axle module. | photo: TII Sales

What at first sounds unlikely is quite easy to handle in practice and an integral part of the flexible "Superflex" vehicle concept. Thus, it is possible for vehicles with a single telescopic stage to move the two front axle lines in a telescoped position between the gooseneck and rear bogie unit in 500 mm increments. For vehicles with a double telescopic stage, the axles can be both pushed in the direction of the gooseneck as well as to the rear bogie. With this innovation, it is possible to adapt the vehicle to suit the respective position of the payload´s centre of gravity and make optimum use of each axle line. If two axle lines are "redundant" they are removed - without requiring any auxiliary means.

two axle assembly and semi-trailer from Scheuerle and Nicolas

The two-axle assembly is lowered, the semi-trailer is lifted and is then laterally driven over the two-axle assembly with the help of the radio remote control steering. | photo: TII Sales

The technical axle load of the "Superflex" varies when using different types of tyres. In addition, a number of vehicle variants are available: a standard version (not telescopic), single-telescope and double-telescope with 245 or 285 tyres. The axle assembly is movable on the telescope in increments of 500mm and can removed without auxiliary means, the platform can be extended in two stages up to 3200mm, while the extension supports are flush with the platform when fully retracted and can be used as stable stanchions. The Super Flex has a high number of snap lashing rings with a lashing capacity of 13.4 t and a large slewing angle of up to 270°, the sides on the gooseneck can be completely dismantled, and one-piece or two-piece rear loading ramps are also available. The hydraulic supply of the vehicle is carried out either via the hydraulic system of the tractor or via an external PPU (PowerPack Unit). As an option, an electric PPU can also be integrated into the gooseneck.
In spite of the compact design, a 1.5 m axle line spacing has been realized which facilitates in particular the approval process for driving over bridges due to the improved load distribution. The use of quality top-grade steel and optimized manufacturing processes allow the realization of all these vehicle characteristics along with an extremely low dead weight.