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Surface Heater HSH: Available in two new Model Versions

MUNICH/GERMANY, March 7, 2014 - Thaw frozen soil or treat concrete with extremely high heat efficiency: Wacker Neuson has offered the only hydronic surface heater available on the market since 2006. In order to meet the specific customer requirements in an even more targeted fashion, the HSH 650 surface heater is now available in a lower weight version - the HSH 700 - and an additional model - the HSH 350 which - like the two larger models - is equipped with a generator.

the new Surface Heater HSH 650 from Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson HSH 650 does not need a lifting eye but can be maneuvered to any location without difficulty with the aid of the trailer on which the surface heater is assembled as standard. photo: | Wacker Neuson

The new HSH 650 weighs in at just under three tons when fuelled - and therefore around 400 kilograms lighter than the HSH 700. The weight difference is important for builders especially when it comes to transportation: An SUV or off-road vehicle is all that is needed to get the HSH 650 to the building site. For users this means additional flexibility at lower costs. The HSH 650 is an attractive, economic alternative for users that do not generally use the maximum capacity of the HSH 700 and can therefore save ongoing transport costs. In order to reduce the weight, Wacker Neuson has shortened the length of the pipes by 50 meters to 650 meters and reduced the tank size. This means a maximum thawing area of 390 square meters (HSH 700: 410 square meters) and an operating time of 67 hours without refueling (HSH 700: 130 hours). In addition, the HSH 650 does not need a lifting eye but can be maneuvered to any location without difficulty with the aid of the trailer on which the surface heater is assembled as standard. 

the new HSH 350 from Wacker Neuson

The Wacker Neuson HSH 350 can be operated for 63 hours without refueling | photo: Wacker Neuson

The smaller model version of the surface heater, the HSH 350 (maximum thawing capacity: 200 square meters) was only offered to date without a generator. The main usage type for the heater in this size is generally smaller projects in urban or semi-urban areas where there is a supply of electricity. With the rise in awareness about the energy-saving hydronic heat exchanger concept in Europe, the HSH 350 is also increasingly being used in rural areas with no infrastructure. For this reason Wacker Neuson now also offers a new model version that has an integrated generator. So the HSH 350 can be operated for 63 hours without refueling. Alternatively all surface heater models equipped with generators can also be operated using electricity.

With the new models Wacker Neuson is responding to market requirements. Now the company can meet customer needs in an even more targeted way.

The hydronic Heating Concept

The hydronic surface heaters operate using the liquid-to-air heat exchanger principle. For the HSH Wacker Neuson has developed this principle such that an heat efficiency of up to 94% is achieved in connection with the special Wacker Neuson insulation mats. The energy efficient units are used to enable construction processes to continue even when the weather is very cold and below freezing. This avoids the costly interruptions that frequently occur with the sudden onset of winter. Projects can be completed on-time and with the right quality no matter the weather.
Typical applications include
-    thawing frozen soil before excavation;
-    warming subsoil or reinforcements before concreting;
-    heating freshly poured concrete so that the setting process can be started even below zero degrees or concrete cured more quickly at an ideal temperature;
-    heating e.g. two-component coatings as used when constructing motorways to increase the wear resistance.

In addition to the surface heaters, Wacker Neuson also offers a hydronic large-scale heater, the HP 252 (net heat output: 209 kW). The HP 252 offers fuel savings of up to 50% over direct or outdoor heaters. It supplies dry and completely clean heat with no exhaust gases. In contrast to direct heaters, the HP 252 can also be operated in closed rooms without risks to the workers' health. The HP 252 offers high comfort and flexibility via the option to connect up to 16 heat exchangers to the main heating unit. Depending on the size, these terminals can be carried or moved by one person to the location in the building where the heat is need.