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“Red Square” Triflex Marking brings a Dash of Red to Köpenick Old Town

DORTMUND/GERMANY, October 21, 2013 - It is the range of application options which makes products from Triflex, the renowned specialist for waterproofing with liquid applied waterproofing and cold plastics, appealing to many planners and architects. The “Red Square” in Köpenick provides an example.

The original idea here was to restore and make better use of free open spaces in old cities. Taking this principle seriously, the architect's office Topotek 1 in Berlin created the “Red Square”, now a striking public space with a new form and function that has impressed residents and visitors alike.

A red umbrella

Corporate identity by a red umbrella – Triflex design at the townsquare of Köpenick. | photo: Triflex

The name of this “Red Square” can be traced to the giant red umbrella and bright red marking by Triflex, both of which are eye-catching. However, the landscape architects were looking for more than just visual impact.

Preco Line 300 Marking Paint for creative Challenges

One unusual aspect of the creative challenge posed by the “Red Square” was the time limit attached to the project: the square was not meant to be permanently coloured as the site was earmarked for subsequent further development. After consultation with Triflex, the landscape architects opted for the high solid paint, Preco Line 300. The vivid red selected was just one of many colours available in a very broad spectrum of paints. The architects opted for aubergine-coloured lines to lay out the parking spaces.

“The Red Square was special from the very outset,” comments Wolfgang Weissig, Managing Director of the contracting company of the same name. The road marking company has been working exclusively with Triflex products for many years. “The marking paints are not only of the highest quality, the colours are UV-resistant and beautifully vibrant.” Wolfgang Weissig recalls: “The marking took two weeks. It was a bit of a challenge because we hadn't used Triflex paints in that way before – but I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the results”.

Fresh Colours for City Centre Squares

In addition to the “Red Square”, Triflex markings were chosen for other projects. These include the Berlin Gallery, where painters used templates to extensively apply Triflex cold plastics to the museum's forecourt, and the colourful facelift given to Böblingen market square, where abstract shapes were taped off and filled in with multicoloured Triflex high-friction plastic, to name but two well-known examples. In Köpenick, one thing has become clear: The residents have truly taken the “Red Square” to heart – it is their pointer, their meeting place, their market place and, of course, their car park. With its manifold functions, it has become the centre of the neighbourood and is appreciated by all.