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Triflex Towersafe protects Wind Turbines in Poland

MINDEN/GERMANY, June 25, 2013 - In the wind energy sector, Poland is the leading market in Eastern Europe. Every year, investment goes into numerous new wind farms – one such farm is located at Dygowo, where 25 new wind turbines have been constructed in the last year.

Wind turbines exploit the forces of nature and give us clean, renewable energy. In the process, the tower and foundation are exposed to the force of the wind, and the constant movement stresses the structure. The strong deformation forces can encourage cracks in the tower foundation and penetrating moisture can lead to long-term damage. In order to prevent this, the contractors from the firm MEGA S.A. waterproofed the foundations of the 25 towers with Triflex Towersafe.

New wind turbines

The contractors from the company MEGA S.A waterproofed the tower foundations of 25 new wind turbines at the Dygowo wind farm using Triflex Towersafe.| photo: Triflex

Triflex Towersafe is a waterproofing system based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) which was specially developed for wind turbines. A flexible special-purpose fleece reinforcement ensures permanently elastic system properties. Its liquid form allows upstands and folds and even complex details, like the tower flange, for example, to be waterproofed, leaving no seams or joints. When waterproofing the first of the foundations, a Triflex Application Technician introduced the contractors to the steps involved, so that they could carry out the work on the remaining foundations independently. An unusual feature of the waterproofing work at the Dygowo wind farm was that waterproofing was carried out not only on the exterior of the tower foundations with Triflex Towersafe, but the interior, too.

Competent application step by step

The first step in the work involved the pre-treatment of the substrate: The vertical steel surface of the tower foundation was cleaned with Triflex Cleaner and roughened with sandpaper. The surface of the horizontal concrete floor was ground off. After the pretreatment of the substrate, the transition between the horizontal and vertical surfaces was taped off with Triflex adhesive tape and the concrete surface was primed with Triflex Towersafe Primer. The contractors then incorporated a permanently elastic joint in the angled area between the floor and the tower and covered it with Triflex duct tape. The permanently elastic joint serves to increase the crack-bridging properties. At this point, Triflex Towersafe was applied to the details, the Triflex Special Fleece was embedded, making sure to remove any air bubbles, and another generous coat of Triflex Towersafe was applied. After the waterproofing of the details, the contractors applied Triflex Towersafe to the surface of the foundations. Since the tower foundations were later backfilled with soil, it was sufficient to apply one wearing layer of the waterproofing resin without a finish.

Tower foundations

The tower foundations are waterproofed with perfect teamwork. During the curing time for the exterior work, the team took the opportunity to waterproof the interior area of the tower foundations. This eliminated waiting times. | photo: Triflex

Fast progress through teamwork

Thanks to the fantastic teamwork between the contractors, the waterproofing work progressed extraordinarily quickly. A two-man team carried out the waterproofing on the vertical surface, whilst a further two contractors worked on the floor at the same time. Meanwhile, the fifth team member prepared the waterproofing resin for both teams. The drying time of the exterior waterproofing was exploited by pushing ahead with the waterproofing work on the interior of the foundations.
This method enabled work on one tower foundation to be completed in only five hours.

The towers have to be waterproof

A further layer of Triflex Towersafe is applied wet-on-wet. | photo: Triflex

How Triflex Towersafe works

Triflex Towersafe can be applied at substrate temperatures of down to
-5°C, which became an advantage in Dygowo. The work was carried out in November when the temperature was only 3°C. As a certified system for waterproofing towers and foundations of wind turbines, Triflex Towersafe offers permanent, flexible waterproofing which meets the demands of the wind farm operator. The high performance and expected service life of 25 years is confirmed by a European Technical Approval (ETA) certificate and a General Building Supervisory Authority Test Certificate (AbP).