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Uhrig Kanaltechnik and Rausch are celebrating their Partnership at the IFAT 2014

WEIßENSBERG/GERMANY, June 12, 2014 - For the first time ever the two companies Uhrig Kanaltechnik and Rausch, have invited to a joint booth party at the IFAT in Munich on the 7th of May 2014. Both companies are able to look back on 20 years of a commonly shared and successful history concerning technical innovations and developments – a joint path that keeps on continuing. In 1993, the company Uhrig began to offer its services as a pipe rehabilitation specialist and started to look for the most modern and reliable CCTV Inspection system on the market to complement its product.

The company originating from Geisingen in Germany, was able to find a company that actually met their requirements. This company, which was settled just around the corner, was Rausch Ltd.
Technical skills and the proximity to each other enabled a cooperation within the growing partnership of those two companies. ‘Rausch actually had the most adequate transport system for our rehabilitation system ‘Quick Lock’ ‘, says Mr. Biesalski, the current managing director of Uhrig. In addition to this the well organized Sales Team of Rausch helped to spread the innovation in the market.  At the end of the day, this sales expertise encouraged Uhrig to entrust the Rausch sales team with the distribution rights for the Quick Lock rehabilitation system during the years 1994 until 2004.   

Today, the main part of the success story is increasingly taking place in foreign countries. With the founding of Rausch Electronic in the USA ten years ago, the ‘Quick Lock’ System gained new sales opportunities along with a bunch of new satisfied customers. Due to the Rausch sales network, services and sales in eastern European countries keep on growing as well.

After more than two commonly shared and successful centuries, both parties agree that Rausch technology will continue to perform well and stand the tests – thanks to the close cooperation and the common working on providing customers with detailed and market adapted solutions. Each and every new product series of Rausch incorporates the technical adaption for the ‘Quick Lock’ System straight away.   

There will surely be some time left for the partners - even in between of the hustle and bustle at the IFAT exhibition in Munich – to have a drink together and spend a thought or two about their partnership in the future.