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Volvo: Hauling up Hours in Central Indonesia

KALIMANTAN/INDONESIA, April 09, 2015 - PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) relies on a fleet of 73 Volvo machines at one of world’s largest coal reserves in a remote part of East Kalimantan. Some of them have accumulated more than 100,000 operational hours.

Indonesian coal giant, Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), operates the Sangatta Coal Mine, located in East Kutai Regency in East Kalimantan. The sparsely populated area has a density of just 7.1 people per km2 (Jakarta has 14,440/km2). The region is rich in natural resources, but its challenging infrastructure can make it difficult to maintain the equipment that is used on site.

KPC has a fleet of 73 Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) machines, including 65 articulated haulers and eight crawler excavators. The machines are vital for extracting and transporting overburden, fuel and water across the large site. If a machine is out of action, operations are interrupted and downtime costs money. That’s why Volvo CE’s dealer in the region – Intraco Penta Prima Servis – has deployed a team of trained technicians to be stationed on-site, offering round-the-clock repairs and maintenance.

“Ensuring machines are properly maintained so that our customers can achieve optimal performance and profit is important to us,” explains Dede Suheri, assistant service manager at Volvo Indonesia. “By having a team of experienced technicians on site – as well as a stockpile of spare parts – we are able to deliver fast and effective support when our customers need it most. One of the oldest machines on site has clocked over 100,000 operational hours – giving testament to the great work they do year after year.”

Volvo A35E articulated dump truck at work

One of the many articulated dump trucks on site: Volvo A35E | photo: Volvo CE

Technical support and spares on site

KPC owns mining concession areas that span over 90ha, and between six and 12 open pits can be in operation at any one time. The team of IPPS service technicians are able to monitor the company’s fleet remotely using Volvo CE’s telematics system. It allows fleet managers to run reports on fuel consumption, operational hours and geographical location – as well as alerting them to service and maintenance checks.

“The IPPS technicians have done a great job of supporting our machines on site and advising on how to plan for service and maintenance checks, as well as how to maximize fuel efficiency,” explains Untung Tri Hardiayanto, general manager – Mining Support Division at KPC. “The support and guidance we receive has reduced our operational costs and increased the uptime of our equipment.”

Volvo Dump truck at work in Indonesian coal mine

The coal mine lies in a remote region of Kalimantan island in central Indonesia. | photo: Volvo CE

Getting the machine mix right

KPC uses seven Volvo A35C, 36 A35E and 22 A35F articulated haulers to transport overburden around the large site, while some have been modified to transport water or fuel. The machines also feature self-compensating, hydro-mechanical steering for safer operation and a longer lifespan. Besides, KPC uses eight crawler excavators on site, including five EC210Bs, one EC210BLR and two EC330BLC Prime. The eight excavators are used to strip and load the overburden onto awaiting haulers.
Volvo excavators can be fitted with an anti-theft tracking system, which can demobilize the machine if necessary. Volvo’s telematics system also allows fleet managers to set location and time boundaries, and if the machine leaves the preset proximity, they are alerted immediately. In locations where there is no mobile reception, Volvo can fit the machine with a satellite modem that allows data reporting. “It gives us peace of mind to know that we can track our machines across the vast site,” Hardiayanto adds.