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Wheel Loaders of Excellence – and a new Brand Name

WILDESHAUSEN/GERMANY, June 04, 2013 - German wheel loader specialist Atlas Weyhausen GmbH has presented at bauma a complete line of innovative machines that do not only surpass the new legal exigencies of waste gas grade III B (TIER IV Interim) but also offers a perceiving up-graded value for the user.

The newly developed Deutz engines of construction series TCD 2.9 L4, TCD 3.6 L4 and TCD 4.1 L4 achieve up to 12% more output, however have less fuel consumption at the same time than before. This allows renouncing to an external waste gas treatment because of an intelligent engine control. The decision for this technology was made quite consciously by Atlas Weyhausen as no use of a particle filter (DPF) is needed which offers immense advantages in the daily machine application.
Furthermore, the factory in Wildeshausen has consistently up-leveled the most important control parameters compared to the previous generation and as a consequence has created new wheel loaders that can be distinguished clearly from the all-over successful models so far.

‘We wanted to create the best Atlas wheel loader’, a sentence coming from the engineering office. That’s why, apart from engines and parameter data, also the maneuver technique and the cabin design were revised. The new steering valve which has been developed in close cooperation with the longtime partner Linde is called LHY. This allows the customer to choose whether the steering valve of his loader should be pre-controlled electronically or hydraulically. There is an option for a high-flow-variant by a adjustable hydraulic pump MPR50 deliv-ering up to 100l/min output. The valve is built on modular base in discs and can be set as requested. Load break securities are available as a standard on the lowering and the tilting side. – The LHY steering valve will be installed in the models AR 65e – AR 85e.

Based on the experiences of system researches formerly presented, Atlas Weyhausen shows a start-stop-solution on a hydraulic base that has been applied for patent. The system disposes a start-stop function activated via gas pedal, joystick or steering wheel once the driver takes his seat in the cab. This solution should result in economizing fuel between 10-15%.

The new AR 65e in action

The new AR 65e. | photo: Atlas Weyhausen

New: AR 65e

This loader is equipped with the new Deutz engine TCD 2.9 L4 with DOC (oxidation catalyst), corresponding to the norms of EU Stage IIIB & IV / US TIER 4 Interim & TIER 4. The ad-vantages of the engine can be seen in a passive after treatment and a non-maintenance compared to a particle filter or more simple installations. These engines are having lesser consump-tion of fuel compared to the previous models.  This engine will also be found in the wheel loader types AR 75e, AR75e T and AR 75e S.
In view to the predecessor model AR 65 Super the engine out-put was raised to 55,4 kW and the rate of delivery went up to 64 l/min. The operating weight has been increased to 5000 kilos and, as a consequence the articulated tipping load went up by 160 kilos to 3522 kilos.
Built in serially of the AR 65e are a cyclone pre-cutter and a preparatory device for connecting a climate compressor. Easier reach for maintenance could be achieved and a new cast reversing lever was installed. In regard to dimensions and torque the data were maintained. The new direction valve and the cab type 31 will be found in models AR65e – AR 85e. As an option the adjustable valve MPR50 with 100 l/min can be equipped acting on the 3rd section serial.

The AR 75e

The AR 75e. | photo: Atlas Weyhausen

New: AR 75e

Also this model will be equipped with an engine TCD 2.9 L4 and will deliver a power of 56,4 kW at 2300 l/min. The output was increased up to 64 l/min, whereas the operating weight now
shows 5750 kilos. In conjunction with a broader wheel base to 2.200mm there is a clear increase of the articulated tipping load by 183 kilos up to 3762 kilos. This type will have the new direc-tion valve as well as the cab type 31 in series.

The AR 80e during his work

The AR 80e. | photo: Atlas Weyhausen

Models AR 80e – AR 95e Super

These machines have already been on display at Intermat 2012 and are presented now to the German public.
Model AR 80e has an engine TCD 3.6 L4 with 70 kW. The op-erating weight now indicates 6.220 kilos. The loader can be clearly distinguished from the previous model AR 80 in more technical data and with all the parameters is equal to the suc-cessful bigger and even older models such as AR 86 E .
Model AR 85e is driven by Deutz engine type TCD 3.6 L4 with a power of 80 kW. The output comes up to 85 l/min now and can be increased as an option to 110 l/min. The operating weight now shows 7.000 kilos, the articulated tipping load corresponds to 4.998 kilos.

The AR 96e made by Atlas Wyhausen

The AR 95e. | photo: Atlas Weyhausen

Models AR 95e (TCD 3.6 L4) and AR 95e Super (TCD 4.1 L4) have profited from the task to obtain a clear up-levelled value by an increase of output in conjunction with the new engine tech-nology. Compared to model AR 95 with 85kW model AR 95e comes along with 10kW more power, and it’s torque for in-stance rose by 500 daN to 6900 daN.
Compaction rollers:
The cabin of models AW 1110 – 1140 has been revised. As a result there are a new designed interior and total glass doors.