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Wind Turbine’s outer Shell designed with Novelis anodised Aluminum

GÖTTINGEN/GERMANY, April 1, 2014 – A presumably perfect combination, complementing both ecological and economic perspectives: A platform to produce renewable energy clad with aluminium, an environmentally friendly and recyclable material. The wind turbine is part of the sustainability concept at British Sky Broadcasting Group. The “Northwind 100” is expected to provide over 133 MWh/year of renewable energy to the Headquarters of Sky in Osterley, West London. All in all, the Sky Campus is the most sustainable facility of its type in Europe.

wind turbine at the Sky Campus in London

The wind turbines elongated triangular-pyramid mast coils upwards in a twisting motion, architecturally expressing the rotational dynamics of the turbine and tapering at the top. | photo: Simon Kennedy

The Sky Studio building and the wind turbine “Northwind 100”, standing at 55m tall, have an exterior skin which is unmatched in shape and form, covered with Novelis batch-anodised aluminum J57S®.
For the surface cladding of 1,600 m2 United Anodisers (HMF) in Huddersfield, anodised 13 tones of J57S. The project execution was carried out by KME Architectural Solutions in Kirby, Merseyside.
The exceptional design was developed by the Wintech-Group, UK, which consider the ambitious facade technology as art of aesthetic solution for ecological and structural considerations: “Often the facade of a building is the biggest challenge.”
With the anodised aluminium J57S in high brilliance a facade material for the Sky Studio was used, which is highly resistant to weathering and corrosion, has an excellent ductility for further processing.

Software- controlled Facade Technology

The distinctive complex geometry form was designed to comprise of around 200 Proteus SC perforated anodised aluminium panels on the turbine mast. A specifically tailored software was used to model the perforated facade construction and automate the production of the manufacturing information for each of the individual facade panels and ancillary components.
The perforations of the in the Proteus SC system produced sheets are constructed to enable an installation of covered fastening points on a vertical subconstruction. As a result numerous project designs and individual design options are feasible with perforated sheets.
High-quality aluminum J57S ® from Novelis in conjunction with  innovative technical solutions enables demanding architectural designs with maximum flexibility.