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Wirtgen Pick Inspection (WPI):
The smart surface miner thinks for itself

WINDHAGEN/GERMANY, April 17, 2013 - With the launch of WPI, Wirtgen is introducing a new system which measures the wear of surface miner cutting tools.

WPI – Wirtgen Pick Inspection – principally comprises eight very rapid measuring sensors which are integrated in the cutting drum compartment of the surface miner. These sensors measure the degree of wear of the picks. Taking just one minute to complete, the measuring process can easily be carried out while changing trucks, thus avoiding downtimes.

Wirtgen Pick Inspection (WPI) easily measuring the wear of surface miner cutting tools

WPI gives the machine operator a fast and simple overview of the degree of wear of the picks – without causing downtimes.


App for service teams slashes tool-changing times

WPI is very simple to operate: the entire measurement proceeds fully automatically at the push of a button. A separate mobile end device, which forms part of the cutting drum, marks the worn pick in colour on its display. The result of the measurement is displayed clearly, making life very much easier for machine operators and service technicians, who can plan the necessary service intervals optimally – both in terms of personnel requirements and spare parts stocks – based on the wear information for individual machines. The system also ensures that the cutting tools can be used for the maximum length of time.

These optimized service and production processes will offer vast material benefits to mining companies which use entire fleets of surface miners in 24/7 operation.

Wirtgen Pick Inspection (WPI) easily identifies worn surface miner cutting tools

Thanks to WPI, service technicians can identify worn picks quickly and replace them in a few swift moves. This saves companies both time and money.