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Wirtgen Slipform Paver: New SP 80 series offers variety and high quality in concrete paving

WINDHAGEN / GERMANY, May 27, 2013 -At this year's bauma in Munich Wirtgen GmbH has unveiled its new specialist concrete paving machines – the SP 81 / SP 81i, the SP 82 / SP 82i and the SP 84 / SP 84i. All models offer a maximum range of applications, high-precision paving results, intuitive handling and superb ease of use.

Wirtgens new SP 80 series

In the standard configuration, the SP 81 / SP 81i is equipped with three crawler tracks, but is also optionally available with four. | photo: Wirtgen

SP 81 / SP 81i: Offset model for monolithic concrete profiles

With its SP 81 / SP 81i, Wirtgen is launching a highly flexible machine for paving large monolithic concrete profiles. The SP 81 / SP 81i can produce sewerage drains, concrete barriers, kerbstones or narrow paths up to 2.2 m high and 3.0 m wide as standard. The offset mould can be mounted on either side, allowing the concrete paver to be easily adapted to job site conditions and ensuring optimum results, even in cramped spaces. The flexibly positioned trimmer ensures the necessary precision in places where the ground is not even enough. The spiral-shaped trimmer drum, which is fitted with cutters, mills away uneven areas, permitting uniform paving of the profile.

SP 82 / SP 82i and SP 84 / SP 84i: Inset applications across the entire width

The SP 82 / SP 82i and SP 84 / SP 84i are new models for inset concrete paving on two rigid or four steerable, swivelling crawler tracks. In the inset application, the slipform paver slipforms the concrete pavement with the mould integrated between the crawler tracks. In this way, the SP 82 / SP 82i and SP 84 / SP 84i can pave roadways and surfaces from 2.0 m to 8.0 m wide as standard with a paving thickness of up to 400 mm – or thicker, should the customer so desire. Wirtgen slipform pavers have no problem creating concrete pavements with a double cross fall of up to 3%. What is more, both types of model are also available as special versions for the US market.

Customers benefit from the intelligent features of the SP 80 series

"Customer benefit was a prime concern in the development of our new slipform pavers, the SP 80 series", explains Dr. Ralf Schug of Wirtgen's Development and Engineering department. "The new features, which we use as modular systems in all the machines, permit a maximum range of applications and high-precision paving results. Meanwhile, the handling is intuitive and very convenient."


If required by the customer, the SP 84 / SP 84i can also pave concrete at thicknesses greater than the standard 400 mm. | photo: Wirtgen

An overview of the machine features:

Life Cycle Design

The fully modular machine construction means that contactors are sure to find the right solution for all inset and offset applications. Simple conversions or easy extensions of additional machine components can hence provide a solution for complex, customer-specific applications. This optimizes flexibility and makes for a wide range of possible uses.


Like the compact Wirtgen Slipform Pavers SP 15 and SP 25, the SP 80 series is also equipped with WI-Control. The new machine control system can, for instance, automatically recognize the machine configuration and set the optimum machine parameters accordingly. It also allows the machine to be connected with the customer's own fleet management system via a standard interface.


The engine management system "Eco-Mode" reduces fuel consumption and noise emissions by adapting the output to the requirements of the job in hand.

Smooth Slope

Wirtgen is the only manufacturer to offer "Smooth Slope", an electronic tilt control system which ensures top-quality, high-precision concrete paving through short machine response times.

Easy Connect

Being reliably compatible with 3D control systems from all leading suppliers, the new Easy Connect 3D interface is a future-proof system.