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World's largest all-terrain crane works at 3,000m

XUZHOU/CHINA, March 21, 2015 – XCMG’s XCA5000 is the world’s largest all-terrain crane in terms of tonnage. Recently, it succeeded in hoisting a 2MW wind turbine in Yunnan province, China. XCA5000 became the first 2,000-ton all-terrain crane applied in construction around the world and a milestone in the portfolio of its ambitious manufacturer, XCMG.

Challenging work site

Setting out from Xuzhou, the XCA5000 arrived at the wind power field after a five-day journey crossing seven provinces. The crane driver still clearly remembers how he drove the crane on the 10km rough mountain road where he had to take over 20 nearly right-angled turns and 30 slopes steeper than 30% all the way to the field. Half-way through the journey, heavy snowfall attacked the convoy which however continued on its track. All of these are severe challenges to any large mobile crane and XCMG is proud to demonstrate the high chassis braking performance, travel reliability and climbing safety. The hoisting site was on the top of a mountain over 3,000m above sea level and covering an area of only 600㎡. Despite strong winds, the XCA5000 stably fitted the 22m-high and 68-ton tower bottom on its base, and precisely hoisted the 2nd and 3rd sections.

Hoisting of the nacelle with XCMG's XCA5000

Hoisting of the huge 8.5 (L) x 4 (W) x 4 (H) nacelle was the most crucial part in this task. When the wind roared to 16m/s, crane operation became extremely difficult. However, XCA5000 precisely positioned the 91-ton nacelle at the top of 81m-high tower. | photo: XCMG

Ambitious crane development

XCMG’s XCA5000 can hoist 3-3.6MW wind turbines up to 110m under demanding working conditions as well as large chemical plant engineering and major infrastructure engineering claims its manufacturer. Over the years, XCMG has endeavored to undertake numerous studies and tests for the hoisting conditions of wind power plants. XCMG’s goal is to study the working conditions for the installation of world-leading 3.0MW wind turbines. So far, XCMG has achieved 20 verifications of working condition with the XCA5000.


The crane arrives at the jobsite at 3,000m above sea level. | photo: XCMG

Mission (almost) completed! “I am very proud of this, to successfully complete this task with the world’s largest crane! I’m so excited!” said Mr. Yuan, the crane operator. | photo: XCMG