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X-Seed 4000 Tower could house a whole Metropolis

TOKYO/JAPAN, August 27, 2013 – Discussions around the world about what the tallest tower might be are well known. Some mention the Taipei 101, at 1671 ft to the tip of it’s spire, whereas others might argue that the Sears Tower, at a whopping 1731 ft (and 110 stories), wins the race. However, if the enormous, 13,000 ft X-Seed 4000 structure ever gets built in Tokyo it will win the worlds-tallest-building competition hands down and leave its puny competitors far behind. If.

animation of the X-Seed 4000 Tower in Tokyo

Utopian vision or future’s reality: The X-Seed 4000. | graphic source:Deskarati

The mountain-like X-Seed 4000 represents a utopian eco-vision for a self-contained high-rise city in the Tokyo harbor powered mainly by solar energy. The idea was initially created and developed in the early Eighties by Peter Neville. A sea-based location and a Mount Fuji shape define some of this building's major design features. The behemoth building would measure exactly 13,123 feet tall with a 6 square-kilometer footprint, and could accommodate five hundred thousand to one million inhabitants.

Further designed by Taisei Construction Corporation 1995 as a futuristic environment combining ultra-modern living and interaction with nature,” the futuristically-named X-Seed 4000 would maintain light, temperature, and air pressure in response to changing external weather conditions. The proposed area is situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is the most active volcano range in the world so X-Seed 4000 would be subject to tsunamis and earthquakes. Thus the realization of building such a monument seems more than unlikely concerning experiences in the distant past with those kinds of conditions, not to say nasty surprises.

Unlike conventional skyscrapers, the X-Seed 4000 would be required to actively protect its occupants from considerable air pressure graduations and weather fluctuations along its massive elevation. Its design calls for the use of solar power to maintain internal environmental conditions. Constructing the X-Seed 4000 structure may come to estimated US$ 1.02 trillion.

For now, X-Seed 4000 seems like more of a utopian vision for contemporary green urban planning than a viable design solution. But for mankind of this new millennium only few things remain impossible.