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Möhlenhoff Launches Thermal Actuator With Remote Maintenance

SALZGITTER/GERMANY, May 20, 2015. – Thermal actuators must deliver outstandingly accurate regulation, operate efficiently and reliably and, in combination with the valve, permit rapid, uncomplicated maintenance. Möhlenhoff has recognized this trend and introduced a new unit featuring an integrated feedback channel. In this way, users can check the current valve position quickly and easily even when they are not on site.

Möhlenhoff's new actuator with feedback channel

Economical, precise solution permitting remote maintenance.
Möhlenhoff presents the first thermal actuator with
feedback channel. | Photo: Möhlenhoff

The new OEM Actuator 5: 6.5 mm DDC with feedback channel is suitable for opening and closing standard and line valves, balanced valves, as well as manifold valves for heating and cooling applications. For example, these can be used in underfloor heating and building control systems. The new actuator possesses an actuating force of 125 newtons and a stroke of 6.5 millimeters. This ensures exceptionally accurate regulation – because a larger stroke at the valve results in a more finely graduated control circuit. The actuator is controlled using a 0-10 volt control voltage.

Innovative feedback channel

As the first thermal actuator on the market, the “OEM Actuator 5: 6.5 mm DDC” is available with an integrated feedback channel. An additional line allows users to tap a signal with a voltage of 0-10 volts that indicates the current valve position. This can be compared with the control voltage applied at the actuator – either on site or by means of a remote query. If the feedback signal mirrors the control voltage then the actuator and valve are functioning correctly. The benefits of the “OEM Actuator 5: 6.5 mm DDC” with feedback channel, when used in combination with a valve, include significantly faster, simpler maintenance and lower procurement costs, says Möhlenhoff. In the past, valve actuators with feedback signal or feedback channel were only available for considerably more expensive, motor-driven applications.

Suitable for many valves

Thanks to Möhlenhoff’s unique adapter system, the new OEM drive is compatible with practically all valve types. It features all the advantages that characterize the other members of its product family: It is extremely robust and durable, waterproof in any installation position, and takes up very little space thanks to its compact design. Equipped with a thermal element, the actuator operates without a motor or gearing and is therefore absolutely silent and particularly energy-efficient. The product range includes a normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) variant. The actuator also possesses a removable dismount protector.