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bi medien – exceeding standards

bi medien is a German leading media company focusing on information on the entire construction industry, eTendering and digital procurement management. It was founded in 1950 and to this day developed a comprehensive portfolio within the following business sectors:

  1. Publishing house for professional magazines - 3 leading national titles
  2. National News-Portal with daily news from the construction industry
  3. International News-Portal with information on the world’s construction industry
  4. Tendering services including eTendering and digital procurement management.

Since 1995 bi medien company headquarters are based in Kiel, Germany.

History and why we are called "bi"

In 1950 Dr. Friedrich Roß founded the Norddeutschen Wirtschaftsverlag ("publishing company of Northern Germany"). He was the first to publish "bauwirtschaftliche informationen", a professional journal focused on information concerning the building industry. It was printed on yellow paper. Customers soon called this journal simply "the bi".  "bi" finally became the name of this fast expanding company and today stands for "business intelligence" or simply "better informed".

When the first "b.i. Magazin" was published as a monthly journal in the Eighties, this yellow paper became a trademark and the abbreviation "b.i." – including dots – the company’s logo. The yellow bi-Logo as we recognize it today was established in the Nineties. With the spreading of internet commerce, the "Norddeutsche Wirtschaftsverlag" was renamed "bi medien" in 2004.

bi medien – Exceeding standards.

bi-Magazines – the construction industry’s source of information

bi medien publishes bi-BauMagazin, bi-UmweltBau and
bi-GaLaBau which are each strong market-leading

With information of the construction industry relevant for
decision making, the bi medien provides a robust and
focused commercial route to this industry market.

The bi-Publications provide a comprehensive readership
targeted towards key decision makers, entrepreneurs
and other influencers of the construction industry from
CEOs and managing directors to project managers within
the industry.

Each magazine supplies a specific market segment in the
construction industry and ensures advertisers a direct
route to their customers.


bi-BauMagazin is the leading magazine for construction machineries and equipment, road construction, framework systems, scaffold, structural engineering, building construction, earthmoving etc:

  • Current market trends.
  • Latest  technology.
  • Exclusive test reports.
  • Controversial topics.
  • Business management and public procurement.

bi-BauMagazin – The sight on sites.


bi-GaLaBau is the market-leading publication for professional horticulture, landscaping and golf course construction.

  • Insight on the latest green industry trends.
  • New machineries and new technology.
  • Reports, interviews and special articles.
  • Budgeting and management tips.

bi-GaLaBau – the voice of the green industry.


bi-UmweltBau is the No. 1 on underground infrastructure, specialized civil engineering and trenchless technology.

  • All information covering underground construction.
  • Maintenance and remediation of pipelines and ductwork.
  • Latest technology.
  • Innovative solution.
  • Exclusive reports.

Made by practitioners for perfect practice.
bi-UmweltBau – Recognized authority on water industry and underground construction information.

bi-tendering services – leading role in public procurement

For over sixty years the bi-tendering services function
as a competent and innovative partner for the entire
procurement business. Since 1950 construction work-,
services- and supply-processes have been published
via different bi medien journals.

The daily journal bi-Ausschreibungsblatt specializes
in public procurement – with sufficient reliability and
claim to completeness. As far back as 1996 bi-tendering
services had already established the internet as a
medium for public procurement information. With the
bi-online database
, bi-medien established the world
wide web’s first tender database which was updated
on a daily basis.

bi-tendering services provide public procurement information according to VOB, VOL and VOF standards as well as planned private/commercial construction projects.

As pioneers for eTendering, the bi-tendering services got involved at the very beginning. Today we publish and monitor contract opportunities from more than 22,000 (twenty-two-thousand) awarding authorities in Germany. The proven competence and the long established trust in the bi-eTendering System ensures to all participants have strong confidence in the tendering process.

Efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability – bi-eTendering serve the objective of the tendering process.


bi medien GmbH

Faluner Weg 33, 24109 Kiel, Germany

postal address:
Postfach 3407, 24033 Kiel, Germany

phone: +49 431 5359290

fax: +49 431 5359225


CEO: Rudi Grimm

commercial register:
Amtsgericht Kiel, Germany, HRB 4476

VAT No.: DE 156448835

tax number: 19 298 01964

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