Daily cleaning of crystallizable floors

Like textile floors, hard floors also require a professional hard floor cleaning services in Nashville  and maintenance schedule to prevent premature deterioration.Like any program, it is made up of different tasks that we must carry out with different periodicities, depending, as always, on traffic, types and amount of dirt, level of demand in its appearance, etc.

Dust removal: due to its abrasiveness, dust is one of the main causes of deterioration of all types of floors.  That is why we must proceed with its daily withdrawal, since, also daily, it is deposited in it again.  For this function we can proceed in two ways:

  1. A) Dry mopping: mop daily. Mops can be treated with dust removal products to increase their particle retention power.
  2. B) Wet sweeping: there are specific tools for wet sweeping, consisting of a trapezoidal-shaped base with foam, to which we attach a gauze moistened in detergent. We can also use a traditional mop as a base, attaching the moistened gauze. The effectiveness of wet sweeping compared to dry mopping is much higher, as it achieves greater waste capture.

The scrubbing: this is the other action that we consider daily.  This frequency is applied in places with intense traffic, such as shopping centers, offices, stations, cinemas and, in general, places open to the public.  In places with light traffic, the frequency can be reduced to alternate days or even weekly, especially when combined with a wet sweep.  Scrubbing can be manual or automatic, using neutral detergent in both cases, with low foaming or controlled foam in the case of automatic scrubbing, equipping the machine with white or red pads or nylon brushes.

When a service company acquires a new center whose flooring has been treated by another company, it must check the compatibility of its products with those previously used.  If the pavement has received a correct treatment and its appearance is good, the floor can be recrystallized, saving the stripping procedure.  But it may be the case that the company’s crystallizer is not compatible with the previous one, in which case it will have to be stripped.

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