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With the dynamic film industry receiving a massive blow in production due to the pandemic slowing things down, The aha OTT Platforms have kept cinema’s flame running. Even when the lockdown shut theatres, many producers resorted to selling movie rights to various OTT platforms to keep productions going bankrupt.

Not only have the OTT Platforms safeguarded the monetary aspect, but it has also acted as a catalyst for helping change the already established trends of the movie industry.

With the audience now enjoying more serious and pragmatic content, filmmakers have achieved the freedom to tell simpler but bolder stories rather than being restricted by entertainment shackles.

OTT Platforms have helped boost audience count and have garnered more audience in the youth sector, which comparatively lagged before. AHA is a regional film-specific OTT Platform that streams movies, shows, and series, either Telugu originals or dubbed in Telugu.To know more about the plans available on AHA, check out their website.

If you want to watch good thriller movies online this pandemic, then OTT Platform AHA has added the Malayalam film Forensic dubbed in Telugu in its curated list of films and series. You’re only a subscription away from witnessing the Telugu film industry’s excellence and trends, so check out the plans provided by AHA and grab your ticket to watch movies in Telugu. 

Forensic is a 2020 Malayalam crime-mystery-thriller film that was later dubbed in Telugu. Written by AjfarRehman and Directed by debutants Akhil Paul and Anas Khan, Forensic stars Tovino Thomas, Mamta Mohandas, Reba Monica John, RenjiPanicker, DhaneshAnand, and SaijuKurup.

Keeping you hooked and at the edge of your seat with its staunch thriller show, Forensic is filled with twists that keep you wondering and some eye-catching moments to leave you astonished.

Well praised by the critics, Forensic is a good addition to the list of thriller movies online.

The film opens with ACP Rithika Xavier assigning a serial killer killing young children to Sebastian, a Police Forensic personnel. A series of events follow that lead to finding the real serial-killer. 

Forensic is a brilliant movie with an excellent plot; it ticks all the right boxes to be a gripping thriller. Debutant directors did a phenomenal job in adding life to a well-written story.

Filled with twists and gripping thriller elements in the right places, Forensic calls for a brain-wrecking session for its audience.

If you enjoy thrillers with a ‘whodunnit?’ story and love playing the detective while watching, then Forensic is the one movie you shouldn’t miss out on. With phenomenal and strong performances by the entire cast, Jakes Bejoy’s background score adds the perfect tension to every eerie moment, and Akhil George’s cinematography raises the tension and atmosphere in every frame. Forensic is a perfect addition to thriller movies online.

Online movies and series – What are the benefits?

The powerful source internet has changed many things in life, the way we shop, read, play and watching movies. As everyone is connected to the internet, people could watch their favorite movies online at any time they want. Many people are preferring this trend over anything due to numerous benefits. Watching movies are the hobby for many people as they can enjoy with friends or even they can enjoy it on their own. Once you begin to enjoy movies, you will keep on looking to watch movies. This can be fulfilled with the help of site. The amazing benefits of watching movies online and series are given below.


When it comes to online movies and series, you get a wide range of choices that you can watch online. The streaming sites provide a variety of films from different genres. The choices that you cannot enjoy in theatres or DVDs. You could only get limited choices when it comes to theatres with a lot of restrictions. Also, you get the choices to watch online or download directly to the device. While downloading the movies, you can complete the work and later you could enjoy the movies.

Excellent quality:

Online movies are guaranteed high-quality so that you have an enjoyable experience. Most streaming sites post high-resolution film to attract the viewers so that they can retain their customers for a long time. Other sources are limited to a specific resolution that might not give the best visual appearance to the viewers. If you have a reliable internet connection, then you could easily enjoy high-quality movies.


The portable devices like Laptops and smartphones allow users to have a great viewing experience. One could access the movies anytime and anywhere. You will not this flexibility at any other sources. One does not have to reach home for watching the series or run to theatres to watch the movies. Without leaving out the place, one could access the movies. There are thousands of options at fingertips. Hence, the above are the few benefits that you will enjoy while watching movies and series online.

Top reasons about why to watch “raja vaaru rani gaaru” movie online

Cast & Crew:


Star Cast: Kiran Abbavaram, RahasyaGorak, Raj Kumar Kasireddy, YajurvedGurram, SnehaMadhuri Sharma, Divya, etc.

Story & Direction: Ravi Kiran Kola

Music: Jai Krish

Cinematography:VidyasagarChinta, AmardeepGuthula 

Producer: Mano Vikas 

Genre: A village love story


The love story of the countryside is like a treasure trove for directors for stories from the Black and White era to today’s fast age.  Many movies came out and recorded very big hits at the box office when it was utilized properly by the directors.  Also, many advantages and low-risk rates are there for these kinds of movies.  The main requirements for village love drama are a proper story, some entertainment, natural live locations, best-performing actors, and the budget also within limits.  Raja vaaru rani gaaru movie also portrayed the village love story genre with some entertainment.  The movie was released on 29th November 2019.  The audience, who like these kinds of backdrop stories, will definitely love this movie very much.  Even the movie’s story is routine. The treatment gives a good and heart touching feel.

The movie available in aha movies platform in full HD format


To tell you about the story of the movie, it’s a simple love story.  Raja and Rani are living in Sriramapuram village.  Raja loves rani deeply, but he felt fear about expressing his love for rani.  In the meantime, intermediate exams are completed.  Rani’s father sends Rani to another town to study Engineering.  While leaving the village, Rani looks at Raja and gives expressions like say bye.  In this sense, Raja felt Rani also loved him, and he lived in the village with her thoughts.  Even, completed three years, Rani did not return to the village.  Raja lives with the hope that Rani will return anytime and accepts his love.  While waiting for Rani, Raja gets frustrated.  For these circumstances, Raja’s friends plan to return Rani to the village.  The plan was successful, and Rani returned to the village.  But, how did the Raja propose his love to the Rani?  Does Rani accept Raja’s love? Or not?  That thing should be seen in the movie.  

Reasons Why to Watch “Raja vaaru Rani gaaru” movie:

It is very common to experience old smells in the village love stories.  The Director Ravi Kiran Kola succeeded even in that drawback with his directorial skills.

Audiences, who like love stories very much, “raja vaaru rani gaaru” movie gives them a double treat like village backdrop, fresh locations, and feel good heart touching love drama.

Cinematography plays a very vital role in all the love stories, especially the village backdrop.  Naturally, in this movie also the DOP gave a good feel and too good camera work in emotional scenes between hero, heroine.

The team of the movie spent excellent skills to show past life situations in villages.

Comedy scenes between emotional scenes will give a big relief to the audience.

The movie would not have felt boring to the audience.

The entire family can watch this feel-good village love story.

Main highlights of the movie: It is a good refreshing entertainer if you can see the film aside from the things that are a bit old.  Village backdrop, locations, DOP, Direction, background music, new faces in the movie will be involved in the movie from beginning to climax.

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