Essential documents for used car

The second hand car selling has become very popular in many places, but still we can say that it is in emerging stage. There are many people who are still with so much of confusion related to the documents and other points while buying the used cars. Any person who is buying a used cars in Hollywood fl should check the below mentioned documents for sure.

  • It is very important that you have all the original copies instead of the Xerox. There are few documents which are given when a new car is brought so make sure that you collect all of them to avoid future problem. Some documents are road tax receipt will confirm you that there are no dues pending. If the car has duel fuel option then having the certificate will prove that it can be run on duel fuel. NOC from transport office.
  • Always ask for the receipts of the payment which you have done to the dealer. That will be only the proof about your payment. And check the receipts if they are original or the copy of it.
  • The most important document is the registration certificate. When you are taking the registration certificate check the engine number mentioned on the certificate. If the seller has changed the engine anytime then the new engine number should be reflected on the registration certificate. The certificate should contain the details about the engine number, chassis number and registration number.
  • One of the proofs that you are following all the rules and regulations ordered by the government is having the pollution check certificate. So make sure you have the latest original certificate else you might have to pay fine when it is checked.
  • Check all the loan related documents, these documents are not related to your loan but if any loan taken by the seller for car. Make sure you have form thirty two and thirty five.


Make sure you check all the above mentioned documents while buying the used car. Always keep these documents ready in your car and enjoy the driving but with all the safety.

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