The Easy Steps to Learn How to Speak Chinese Mandarin

Language is not universal because there are thousands of different languages that billions of people use in different parts of the world. But it’s the only way to communicate effectively with the people around you. That’s why if you want to further your reach, you should also learn another language that will help you understand a whole new world outside of your own. And one perfect language that is also known as the most-used is Chinese Mandarin, simply because over 1 billion people worldwide (not just in China) use it.

If you’re thinking of learning Chinese to better communicate with our Chinese friends, you can easily find a chinese class singapore. One of the best schools to teach Chinese Mandarin is Singapore’s School of Language International. Here, you will find different kinds of Chinese Courses to choose from. Plus, they also teach Chinese Mandarin to kids! But if you want to learn how to speak and understand Chinese in your own way, here are easy steps you can start with.

Find the Right Material to Guide You

Whether you’re looking to improve your conversational Chinese or you want to learn it from scratch, all you need is to look for the right material to help you in your journey. There are many books that correctly teach how to speak and understand Chinese Mandarin, but you need to make sure that it’s a reputable material. Aside from that, you can also enroll yourself in a Chinese class, which is much better. Overall, the effort is what will make your journey in learning this language easy and smooth.

Read Chinese Aloud

The best way for you to learn how to speak Chinese is to read the words aloud. So if you want to learn all by yourself and you already have your book, you should read the Chinese words aloud to train yourself how to speak it correctly. Aside from that, there are intonations that you need to watch out for because it gives the words you speak the emotion it’s trying to convey. You can start by learning the Chinese alphabet first, and once you’re done, you can begin with simple words.

Listen to Chinese Audios

Another step you should do to improve your Chinese pronunciation is to listen to Chinese audio. Babies learn how to speak by listening and repeating the sounds or words we make. And just like babies, adults are the same. So learning how to speak Chinese begins with listening to people who actually speak the language. You can search for videos on Youtube or you can purchase an audiobook that will teach you how to speak Chinese Mandarin more effectively. At the same time, follow the book you are studying to make your learning experience more efficient.

Start Writing Down Words or Conversations

You might forget that writing the Chinese Mandarin language is as important as speaking it. So if you want to become a good Chinese speaker, you should also start writing down basic phrases or words. The more you write, the more you will get yourself familiarized with the language itself. It will stimulate your memory and sooner or later, Chinese Mandarin will feel like it’s your second language!

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