All You Need to Know About Calcium Score Test in Millburn, NJ

Many centers provide calcium score screening. Choosing the best center among all the centers can be difficult. You should look for the most reliable and trustworthy calcium score test in Millburn, NJ, that can offer you a welcoming environment and, at the same time, take care of all your needs with care and attention. The environment of the center should be comfortable enough to make you feel relaxed before, during, and after the screening procedure.

Get to know more about the calcium score test:

A calcium score test is a non-invasive procedure that can also be called a heart scan. In this procedure, CT scanning and X-rays are used to look for plaque build-ups in the coronary arteries. By looking at this build-up, your healthcare professional will find it easy to create a health plan for you during the early stages of diagnosis. In this way, by taking medications and making some changes in your lifestyle, you will be able to protect yourself from potential heart attacks and heart diseases.

Your doctor will suggest a calcium screening test if he has noticed some symptoms or risks of heart disease in you. So, diagnosing heart disease at early stages can minimize its impact as you can start an early treatment. If your doctor sees the presence of some things in your heart, he will recommend you get a calcium screening test done. These things are:

  • Presence of tumors in or on the heart
  • Presence of blood clots in the chambers of the heart
  • Presence of any defects or injuries in the heart’s valves
  • Presence of plaque which might be causing a blockage in your coronary arteries
  • Presence of any birth defects in the heart

For your doctor to create a treatment plan, you need to get a calcium score test done. In this case, you can choose any imaging center that is cost-effective and professional. If you have any questions or concerns related to the entire process, you can feel free to get in touch with the staff members of the imaging center. They will guide you through the entire test process. And in the end, they will provide you with accurate results.


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