Detect Breast Cancer Through 3D Mammogram in Middletown, NJ

When it comes to a 3D mammogram procedure, it is just like a traditional mammogram. Such kinds of mammograms are imaging tests that professionals in healthcare mainly use for checking any breast diseases like breast cancer. A breast’s flat image is created in a standard 2D mammogram. Meanwhile, a 3D mammogram generates an image of three-dimensional. The machine mammogram sends signals of small x-ray mainly through the breast tissue from distinctive angles. Further, it compiles all the images chiefly into one 3D image. A detailed, complete impression of the breast is given by a final 3D picture. 3D mammogram in Middletown, NJ is used by doctors for detecting signs of any kind of atypical growths or simply cancer.

Reason to be done

  • In dense breast tissue, breast cancer detection is improved- A 3D mammogram provides benefits in breast cancer-detecting in people along with dense breast tissue as the 3D image allows doctors for seeing beyond density areas.
  • Slightly more cancers are detected compared to standard mammograms alone- The studies indicate that a combination of 3D mammograms along with a standard mammogram can leads to approx one more breast cancer even for every 1,000 screened women in the case compared along with standard mammogram alone.
  • The follow-up imaging needs to be reduced- When abnormalities are detected on standard mammogram images then they might recommend additional imaging. Being called back mainly for additional imaging can be stressful. Extra time might be taken and result in additional costs.


  • All cancers failed to be detected by test- For a 3D mammogram, it is possible for missing cancer areas like if the cancer is small or if just it is an area that is difficult to see.
  • Exposure to a radiation’s low level- X-rays are used by 3D mammograms for the creation of breast images which can expose simply to a radiation’s low level. As a 3D mammogram is generally combined along with a standard mammogram.


It can be concluded that a 3D mammogram in Middletown, NJ is done for investigating growths that might characterize cancer or aid in identifying the reason behind symptoms a person is experiencing.

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