All about 2d mammogram

Mammography is a common type of breast cancer screening. 2d mammograms use low-dose x-rays to produce images of the inside of the breasts. These x-rays are supposed to produce only mild discomfort with no significant risks. Mammograms can, however, have several side effects and potentially dangerous complications.

The development of the biplane system for mammography in 1985 allowed images from two different angles to be obtained simultaneously using a single film plate or digital sensor. It was quickly realized that this technology could be used for stereoscopic imaging as well as for acquiring two separate exposures on one plate. In August 1989, Andor Technology Ltd., Belfast, UK, launched their first camera incorporating dual image capability. In 1991, Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany, introduced a dual-headed system that could acquire two separate images on one image receptor.

The first 2d mammogram in Paterson, NJ were done in the early 1990s. The advantage of these 2d mammograms is that they can better visualize breast tissue than traditional mammograms. Traditional mammograms use a single x-ray image to produce a two-dimensional picture of the breast. This type of mammogram is limited in its ability to detect tumors because it cannot show all the details of the breast tissue. Breast tumors are typically round and appear as lumps on a traditional mammogram. However, breast tissue is not always symmetrical, and cancers can hide behind normal tissues.

2d mammograms can be useful in the detection of breast cancer using digital tomosynthesis (called 3d mammography). Compared to standard 2d mammography, digital tomosynthesis increases the accuracy of cancer detection by 30%. There are some risks, however. One short-term risk is pain. The amount of radiation used to take these images is very small but still possible causes pain during the imaging process. A more serious risk is that it can cause damage to DNA and may increase the chances of developing breast cancer later in life.

2d mammogram in Paterson, NJ

2d mammograms are not without their critics too. To use two exposures on one plate or digital sensor requires substantial automation, and these systems require a stable patient, something that cannot be guaranteed under all circumstances. Also, artifacts can be produced if the breast is not immobilized correctly. Finally, there is a cost implication with the use of 2d mammography and tomosynthesis. The use of 2d mammography increases radiation exposure by a factor of two when compared to single-exposure mammography. This means that more images need to be taken and that there is an increased chance of false positives.

Despite the risks, the advantages of using 2d mammograms and tomosynthesis appear to outweigh the disadvantages for most patients. The American College of Radiology currently recommends that women undergo annual mammography screening starting at age 40. For women at high risk for breast cancer, screening should begin earlier and be done more frequently.

Want to try best trending white contacts

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Tips to choose a heart-healthy meal at a restaurant

Who doesn’t like to dine out? It is everyone’s wish to spend the weekend with fun and food. But is everything we eat healthy? It is a big no!! We all are attracted to fancy food that is way far away from the word healthy. But we cannot avoid the temptation of eating out. How then can you satisfy your wish of eating healthy and happy?

The answer is that you can dine out but choose foods that do not harm you. You must be knowing that eating fatty stuff most of the time can lead to many health issues, the primary one being related to your heart. Choose heart-healthy food and take care of your health. Find out from reviews at 먹튀검증사이트 about what is good for your health.

  • The first thing you look for in a restaurant is the menu. Read the menu well and try to avoid these terms, crispy, deep-fried, creamy, cheesy, etc. These are indicators that the item is not healthy. Chances are you may be greatly attracted towards them, but the choice to stay healthy is yours! You should have food that is steamed, grilled, baked, lightly roasted, baked or boiled. Anything that is free of oil is your go-to food.
  • Meat is considered healthy too but look out for lean meat. Meat gives you a lot of protein in your diet and this is one very essential nutrient your body needs. Eating meat also helps in another way. It keeps you full and you will stop looking for more food just because you want to try something new in the restaurant. Low-fat chicken can also be a good choice for health-conscious people.
  • Ask for your buddha bowl. It is a bowl full of colorful vegetables and can be the best one if you look for healthy options. Have more servings of veggies. Mention your preferences while cooking vegetables. You could avoid a lot of butter or cheese on top.

You know that the food you eat should not only be tasty but also healthy. Hope the above helps.

All You Need To Know About Concrete Flooring Demolition Is Here

If you are the one who wants to know about concrete flooring demolitionthen let me tell you one thing that you have been reached at the correct place to know about this topic. This article will cover the crucial aspects that a reader should know. So, without further delay, take a fantastic look at this article to extract more meaningful information.

What Is Concrete Demolition?

Concrete demolition is a sensible technique to get rid of old building structures and improve your building’s comfort and safety.If you want to start new initiatives, concrete flooring demolition is an excellent option to do so. Many companies are experts in concrete flooring demolitionall you need to do is find the best and convenient company for your work.

Need of Concrete Demolition

You might be thinking what is the need for concrete flooring demolition? So here is the answer to this question. When some cracks or deep cracks occur then, settlement is required at this stage. You might hear about frost heave which is very common in cold weather. So, if you face that problem then, you must go for concrete demolition. Concrete slabs with extensive spalling or pitting on the surface are more cost-effective to replace than to prepare the entire surface for resurfacing and resurfacing the concrete.

Methods of Concrete Demolition

There are three main methods in concrete demolition which are given below:

  • Pressure Bursting: This method is required when there is a need for dust-free, quirt-controlled demolition.
  • Hydraulic Breakers: Hand-held or boom-mounted pneumatic and hydraulic breakers are currently the instrument of choice in concrete demolition operations involving bridge decks, foundations, and pavement.
  • Dismantling: This process is done by thermic lance, sawing, and water jetting. It is one of the good methods of demolishing, especially for walls or slabs.

Tools Used In Concrete Flooring Demolition

  • Hydraulic Hammer
  • Chipping Hammer
  • Hydraulic Splitter
  • Pneumatic Hammer
  • Diamond Wire Saw
  • Mounted Breakers
  • Expansive Demolition Agents
  • Rotary Hammer

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about the concrete flooring demolitionI hope you find this reading very much helpful and informative. So, without more delay, analyse your building what it demands and then take steps accordingly. All The Best!

Nikola Free Jewelry and Why You Should Care

Make Beautiful Jewelry

People with ears that are sensitive to certain metals, especially nickel, will find it necessary to hunt and buy non-nickel-free earrings. These earrings are safe to use, especially for those with ears that cannot tolerate even the slightest contact with nickel. However, before you buy such earrings you should find out that the earrings you intend to buy are not really what they claim to be. The fact of the matter is that many such earrings may have some form of cheap plating. These coatings may contain nickel or will wear out over time, exposed under a nickel-based filter.

Silver is another popular metal for making earrings, however, silver jewelry usually contains nickel. Some earrings are combined with silver and, again, contain nickel. The safest bet if you want silver earrings is to look at earrings made of stainless steel polished, shiny silver-like .

Clean and Care for Your Jewelry 

According to a recent study, the average woman spends about $ 150 a year on jewelry. As you might expect, married women often get a lot more jewelry from their partners than they buy themselves. And since all jewelry has a price, both sensitive and money, the jewelry collection is usually well protected and tends to grow over time. As a general rule, when a woman is older, she will have more jewelry.


For many women who are not members of the royal family, the traditional jewelry box is the first promoter they will receive. This is usually enough to secure their earrings, rings, and necklaces safely during their teenage years and possibly until marriage. But as we have seen, when a woman gets married, jewelry becomes the most popular gift she will ever receive. That means birthday jewelry, holiday jewelry, and birthday jewelry. After a while, these gifts do accumulate. It is not surprising, then, that women often lose a few pairs of earrings or even a ring. They just don’t have the space to put them all!

Valet jewelry is a very popular style for women with a growing collection. The central model is about the size of a footboard and has four to six cabinets. Each wardrobe is designed to hold a different type of jewelry, from rings to bracelets to earrings to broaches. Above the line of  jewelry, valets should also have moving doors that come complete with hooks where you will hang your necklaces. The valet can be placed on your desk next to the bed or in the bedroom if you are worried about stealing.

Buying Wholesale Body Jewelry

For many women, the jewelry valet should be large enough to help them safely store and organize their collections. But since it has only four to six cabinets, they will not be large enough to carry wide collections. No, we are not talking about the Queen’s jewelry. Even a woman who uses a scale can afford to have enough jewelry for the rest of her life in need of a great designer. The most important feature of the major jewelers is the armor of jewelry. Also called chest jewelry, these wide organizers are pieces of furniture. The two most popular options are wall-mounted versions and vertical versions. Let’s take a moment to review the pros and cons of each one.

Understand these handy handyman tips

Handling small repairs and projects around your house can be a handyman’s specialty. But, what happens when you need more than the handyman? When it comes time to start hiring out those big jobs, like installing an addition onto your house or fixing plumbing issues, there are things to consider before making that decision. Here are some tips for finding and hiring handyman jobs in Colleyville, TX.

What is a handyman anyway?

A handyman is someone who has the skills to take care of common household tasks or projects themselves. They often have experience working on homes in their area, taking on simple jobs mainly for homeowners just like you.

A handyman is a term that refers to a person who can repair or put together something around the house. It typically refers to a handyman because this person probably doesn’t have experience in any one particular area but has the ability and know-how to be handy around the house.

Here are some handy handyman tips:

  1. What makes hiring someone else better than doing it yourself? → For one, if you do it yourself, you get bragging rights for completing a project on your own! And two, if you’re not good at certain areas, why waste your time trying when you could just hire someone else? Time is money, after all. Plus, there’s always risk involved with home repairs — what happens if you break a window and need to replace it, or you flood the basement if your handyman is unprofessional?

  1. Looking for handyman services? → For any handyman work, whether it’s small tasks that just require minor repairs or big jobs like installing major appliances, do research and check out their website to see how professional they look and what kind of services they offer. What kind of projects have they completed? Are there pictures? Do they provide references from past clients? All these things will help you decide whether hiring them is the right decision.
  1. Hiring handymen for big jobs → If you’re looking into hiring someone to take on a large project in which you want to be done upright, keep looking and interviewing handyman services. Keep in mind that you’ll likely end up paying more if the handyman has never completed a job like it before and will need to hire an assistant (like a construction worker or plumber).

Mail order pharmacies

Your benefits

free and discreet home delivery of medications prescribed by the doctor;

exclusive benefits for insured persons ;

dispatch of the invoice directly.

The service provider

For certain medications and at the request of your doctor, our specialized Home Care Nurse team will support you with your therapy at home free of charge.  Our social security advice supports patients with the challenges that a chronic illness brings with it   BestRx pharmacy.

The knowledge platform

We are committed to making living with chronic illnesses easier at home. As a patient, you are in good hands at home: Happy at Home! In addition to the dispatch of medication against a prescription, this also includes various specialized services and the imparting of health knowledge as well as tips and tricks for everyday medication.

mail order pharmacy for medicines and drugstore items

Medicines delivered directly to your home, in complete safety

Buying mail order drugs is beneficial. But is this a safe solution? Have you ever wondered what actually happens from sending the order to delivery to your home? This contribution illustrates, by way of example, the different stages of an inquiry.

Safety is essential if you order medicines directly to your home. After all, your health is at stake. That is why the mail order pharmacy pays particular attention not only to the fact that the delivery takes place quickly but also with the utmost reliability. All orders are checked by four different collaborators (in compliance with the eight eyes principle) following a standardized process supported by sophisticated software that allows 200,000 customers to receive their drugs quickly and reliably.

The pharmacy sign

The pharmacy sign can be defined, in general terms, as an operating sign which, as is known, consists of an inscription in alphanumeric characters, possibly completed by symbols and trademarks, made and supported with materials of any kind, installed in the premises. of the activity to which it refers or in the ancillary appurtenances thereof.

POS for the point of sale

The ideal POS solutions for accepting payments within the point of sale

your Bank offer you solutions to accept contactless digital payments in your store. Find the POS offering and services to meet your business needs.

Daily cleaning of crystallizable floors

Like textile floors, hard floors also require a professional hard floor cleaning services in Nashville  and maintenance schedule to prevent premature deterioration.Like any program, it is made up of different tasks that we must carry out with different periodicities, depending, as always, on traffic, types and amount of dirt, level of demand in its appearance, etc.

Dust removal: due to its abrasiveness, dust is one of the main causes of deterioration of all types of floors.  That is why we must proceed with its daily withdrawal, since, also daily, it is deposited in it again.  For this function we can proceed in two ways:

  1. A) Dry mopping: mop daily. Mops can be treated with dust removal products to increase their particle retention power.
  2. B) Wet sweeping: there are specific tools for wet sweeping, consisting of a trapezoidal-shaped base with foam, to which we attach a gauze moistened in detergent. We can also use a traditional mop as a base, attaching the moistened gauze. The effectiveness of wet sweeping compared to dry mopping is much higher, as it achieves greater waste capture.

The scrubbing: this is the other action that we consider daily.  This frequency is applied in places with intense traffic, such as shopping centers, offices, stations, cinemas and, in general, places open to the public.  In places with light traffic, the frequency can be reduced to alternate days or even weekly, especially when combined with a wet sweep.  Scrubbing can be manual or automatic, using neutral detergent in both cases, with low foaming or controlled foam in the case of automatic scrubbing, equipping the machine with white or red pads or nylon brushes.

When a service company acquires a new center whose flooring has been treated by another company, it must check the compatibility of its products with those previously used.  If the pavement has received a correct treatment and its appearance is good, the floor can be recrystallized, saving the stripping procedure.  But it may be the case that the company’s crystallizer is not compatible with the previous one, in which case it will have to be stripped.

Tiles add elegance to floors for homes and commercial spaces

Tile flooring appears elegant and current and set the tone for a cool, contemporary home’s atmosphere. The tile flooring in Bradenton, FL, provides a neutral canvas to paint or decorate in practically any hue. Your sleek grey flooring will complement a wide range of colours, including Aquas, greens, bright, dramatic hues, and even black and white. Increase the value of your home by installing porcelain and ceramic tile. This is an excellent investment that provides incredible value; thus, selecting our porcelain or semi-polished ceramic tile is an excellent method to make the most of your money without losing remarkable quality and style.

The durability of slate tile is unmatched.

Tiles have long been regarded as a reliable building material because of their strength and longevity. As an example, slate-topped roofing may be expected to survive more than a century. Now, this durable material may be used to create both beautiful and natural flooring. Tile flooring, which is available in a variety of earthy and natural tones, has a unique aesthetic effect and texture that will increase the attractiveness and value of your home.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are among the world’s oldest and most popular flooring alternatives, used for thousands of years. And it’s not difficult to understand why: they’re beautiful, adaptable, and long-lasting. The surviving ceramic tile mosaics of antiquity have been there for literally thousands of years.

The return of patterns and innovative flooring layouts has been a major trend over the past many years. You’ll discover modern, updated versions of traditional parquet flooring patterns, as well as creative possibilities that experiment with layouts and textures. Floor tile is meant to be thick and durable enough to withstand heavy foot activity, but wall tile is thin and light to facilitate installation on walls. Depending on the size and weight of the tiles, certain floor tiles may be put on walls.


Before deciding to put floor tile on your walls, it is recommended that you speak with a professional first. There are a variety of aspects that influence how well flooring tile will perform as a wall treatment.

Residential Roofing St Louis: Roof Replacement And Other Solutions

Roof fixing is one of the main repairing that needs to be done when you are thinking about selling your house, or you are thinking about renovating your house; you must fix your roof first because that is a major cause and many other problems are related to it too.

Whenever you are thinking of renovating your house first, you need to fix your roof because if your roof is not fixed, then many things may occur.For example, suppose you are painting your house and you are all done, and you have bought new furniture and so on to beautify your house and you have done normal checking that your roof is fixed or not but there have been some leakages.When monsoon hits you the first thing tends to happen is that the rainwater seeps in through the leakages and makes the wall adjacent to it damp, following which the furniture gets damaged and also the circuits on that wall too gets short-circuited.

Why you should try that out?

Residential roofing st louis is such a roof fixing as well as other all in one-stop solutions for various maintenance and repairing of your house; they proceed through the following steps that are mentioned below:

  • A request is sent via mail which mentions the request of roofing is first accepted by the company.
  • Then the company sends an estimator who estimates the approximate total cost of repairing and then the company approaches the customer(s) with the price in total.
  • The estimator visits again, and this time it is accompanied by a legal document and mentions the contract. Also, the estimator adds to some additional points too.
  • After the customers are ready, then the work starts and within some deadline till when the work is completed and then when the job is finished, an inspector comes from the company to check that the work has been executed properly and there are no pending works to be done


Before your work has even begun, remember to choose a completion date as if the replacement takes a long time, it may even affect your lifestyle.